Bästa Beatrice-kavalkad

Här kommer en hel rad med Jonasar och citat från texten Bästa Beatrice Ask.







Det roliga är att de har fått sitta kvar! Folk gillar dem uppenbarligen. 🙂 Ett hett tips är att läsa mer av Jonas Hassen Khemiri, han är en fantastisk författare!

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2 svar to “Bästa Beatrice-kavalkad”

  1. Gere H. Says:

    Thank you for your fantastic explanation for the real situation and condition of the Swedish system. We all know this how the law it self pretending and manipulating our intelligence. Every time when it comes economical and social crises they only starting to point out their finger towards immigrants,do not surprised, despite you raised and grown up in this nation, their mentality is full of parody and never will be change. Look how many immigrants have been picked up and putting in the concentration camps to deport them with out their will, and enforced them to the nation that already left and seek basic protection. There is no humanity in Sweden rather than a cosmetically pretending with the so called democracy rights. If the true democracy works it could be defend the rights of the oppressed unfortunate mankind.
    Gere H

    • 365 Malmö Sofia Says:

      Wise spoken. But remember that Sweden is more than the laws and what some politicans think. There’s a lot of people helping refugees as well and there’s a lot of refugees that’s allowed to stay in Sweden. We shouldn’t forget that.


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